Süddeutsche Zeitung (DE)

“The party is over” – that’s what Iiro Rantala must have had in mind, when he turned to the memory of the departed. Long enough did the Finnish pianist perform high level musical slapstick as the head of “Trio Töykeät”. After almost two decades the successful band broke up in 2006 and also the follow-up project with guitar and human beat box was quickly put to an end. For that reason, Iiro Rantala had time, to fully devote himself to his instrument – without the pressure of constant touring and other obligations. He took a break, played lots of classical music, came to terms with many musical memories and so his fist solo-project “Lost Heroes” (ACT) with homages to personalities like Pekka Pohjola or Esbjörn Svensson, who strongly influenced him, grew up. When the repertoire was complete, it was recorded in Leipzig on an outstanding Steinway grand piano. This was important since Iiro Rantala’s pianistic attack allows subtly contoured nuances of expression. Despite all seriousness, Iiro Rantala is Finnish enough, to include a pinch of ludicrous humour in his phrases. A masterpiece of musical hero worship.

Ralf Dombrowski, Wed. 23 February 2011, Süddeutsche Zeitung (DE)

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