"Iiro Rantala – My History In Jazz The title on this recording isn’t coincidental. Iiro Rantala is expressing his own personal relationship with Jazz, and like any other relationship in life, it involves elements that don’t necessarily fall under the Jazz umbrella. That’s why classical compositions by Bach and pop standards like “September Song” are presented along with original pieces and renditions of songs like “Caravan.” Rantala’s sound doesn’t sacrifice its typical austere grace as it switches up the source material, but there’s a noticeable shift in the overall sound from track to track, duly reflecting the disparate influences on his history in jazz. Rantala’s takes on Bach’s “Goldberg Variation” possess a distant warmth, whereas the group’s rendition of “Caravan” echoes the original’s boisterousness. “Eronel” has a friendly piano trio hop and bounce that would fit right into the jazz scene of the sixties, whereas the casual propulsion and lovely melodic drift of “Smoothie” is an outstanding example of how jazz musicians of the new century are putting their stamp on the artform. Violinist Baldych guests on four of the tracks. It’s nice to see him getting put to use since signing with the ACT Music label. He’s a hell of a talent, and fits in just fine with the established pros that comprise the core trio." Your album personnel: Iiro Rantala (piano), Lars Danielsson (bass, cello), Morten Lund (drums), and guest: Adam Baldych (violin).

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